Monday, August 2, 2010

Chain Oil

In Taiwan during the summer it is usually hot and humid, punctuated by typhoons and thunderstorms. I have to admit that I am a fair weather rider. Rainy days are rest days. Since I never ride in the rain I thought it made sense to get a dry type chain oil. It means less mess. The problem is that all the dry lube I have used comes off after about 60 km. This means I ride with a dry chain. Even if the chain is drowned in lube, it still doesn't last the length of a ride. This is a problem because a dry chain is under a lot of stress and it will break, which is what ended up happening.


Don't buy dry lube if you are going to be riding longer than 50 km, don't like applying lube every time you ride or ride in a place that has humidity.

Do get multi-condition lube.

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