Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tainan MTB Race

The first MTB race of the season is happening on March 13th. Unfortunately that is the same weekend as the first club race of the season. Racing is hard enough to come by here so why they have to schedule it the same weekend is beyond the understanding of Bikemosa.

Anyway, I understand that it is a good race. I went last year with a borrowed bike but found out at the race that the crank wouldn't stay on and so I missed out. Of course I will miss it again because I am going to be at the road race that same weekend.

If you aren't into the road scene, check it out. The details are here. Six thousand for the winner of the elite category. Nice!

First Taiwan Club Race of 2011

Well the season will soon begin. There is a club race (Taiwan's highest level of racing) on the north coast on March 12-13. March 12 is a 25 km ttt and March 13 is a 55 km road race. 55 km? Really? C'mon, make it more difficult! Anyway, enough complaining. Check out the details here.