Monday, July 26, 2010

Giant Cup DH

Despite the organizers being somewhat confused about start times, the races went off reasonably well. Since I participated in most of the events, I was unable to get many photos. A couple of friends of BikeMosa were entered in various races but were unable to race.

One of our friends did the downhill race and I was able to get some photos of him.

Here The Lens practices for the race.

The organizers decided to try to make the downhill a spectacle and many riders were sent to hospital due to an almost impossible-to-ride wall ride. Luckily, The Lens did not join the wounded at the hospital.

In fact, The Lens was so cool that he had time for a nap between runs.

Here, The Lens is ripping it up in the final on a hardtail.

The most of the other racers had big full suspension bikes. The Lens did an awesome job and finished 6th in the elite category. That means he got on the podium and got prize money! Great race for a guy who was just out for fun.

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  1. Thank Bro! It's cool ;-)