Monday, November 22, 2010

Pingdong Race

There is a Christmas day race down in Pingdong. It is 113 km long and has a hill climb finish. I have heard good things about this race. I might check it out, as it would likely have nicer weather than the race the week before in Yilan. Here is the link with more info (in Chinese, as usual).

Yilan RR

There is a race coming up on 12/19 in Yilan. Apparently the road will be fixed by then (after it was destroyed by a typhoon-caused landslide). Here is a link to the info about it. The sign up deadline is November 30. It is about 77 km. I'm guessing that the weather will be pretty awful for this one-cold and rainy. Of course it will have been a while since there was any race, so it might be good to break up the routine.